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Discreet Swinging- Keeping It Behind Closed Doors

by admin on Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Many couples who are interested in swinging don’t want the world to know. This is perfectly acceptable, especially given that it’s a lifestyle many don’t approve of or understand. Your career may be another reason you want to keep it under wraps. There are several ways you can discreetly swing.

Look Out Of Town

Look for clubs that are a short distance from you. This will ensure you won’t run in to any locals you may want to avoid. If the drive is going to be a long distance, make a weekend out of it. Get a nice hotel room and spend some time at the clubs.

Be Clear About Discretion

If you let other swingers know you need to keep your activity under wraps, most are going to be okay with that. Swinging is a lifestyle that is often misunderstood, and most other couples are going to understand this. If you stick to the clubs you will be pretty safe. Almost all clubs have rules disallowing cameras or other recording devices, so you don’t need to worry about your photos ending up on the net for the world to see.


Another great way to enjoy swinging while staying discreet is by taking a swingers vacation. You can find resorts, cruises, and other outings that are geared towards the swinging community. Since all of the others on the vacation are also swingers, your discretion is almost guaranteed. If you have to find a sitter for the kids, just tell them you’re going on a vacation without giving too many details. No one will know but you and the other swingers you are involved with.