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Top Swingers Holidays

by admin on Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Swingers holidays allow those who participate in the swinging lifestyle to go on vacation and still be theirself. There are a few holiday destinations and ideas that always rank among the hottest.

Key West Fantasy Fest

With festivities that rival Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest is an annual tradition that attracts hundreds from all over the world. Some of the festivities include a homemade bikini contest, costume contests, body painting, and many other sexy and fun activities geared towards adults.

Aspen Swingers Ski

Aspen has been known as the premier ski destination in the United States for decades. It attracts plenty of business from celebrities across the world. Swingers can now enjoy the scenery, great skiing, and swinging fun without worrying about the world turning their noses up. This ski trip typically happens in March, and will include a nude pool, hot tub area, erotic parties, and access to skiing.

Desire Cancun

For those who wish to enjoy a Caribbean style resort while also enjoying the company of other swingers, Desire Cancun may be the perfect destination. This all inclusive resort is clothing optional for the span of the resort. Enjoy playing tennis, snorkeling, or even take a day in the adult spa.


Every year Dream Pleasures Tours sponsors a few adult ship takeovers. These will allow swingers to go on a dream cruise with other swingers. The parties will last well in to the morning, and most of these are clothing optional, or shoes only type events. You can find information on the dates for these cruises by visiting their website.

Lingerie For Swingers

by admin on Monday, January 10th, 2011

When you lead a swinging lifestyle, what you wear under your clothing can be more important than the exterior clothing. Swinging is all about sexual expression and exploration. Adding lingerie to the mix can make the experience better as it makes you feel sexier. There are a few things to keep in mind before investing in any sexy clothing.


Lingerie isn’t designed to be worn long term, but with swinging you may want to make sure it’s comfortable to wear under your clothing for a few hours. If you are going to a swingers party, it may be a little while before you find another couple you are comfortable with, and nothing will make you feel more undesirable than feeling uncomfortable.


Many swingers parties are designed for people to be completely open. Costumes can be a great way to draw attention while still looking sexy. You can find costumes in all different styles and genres. If you want to dress up as a cop or a maid, any adult lingerie store will carry these. You can also find character costumes, such as Little Bo Peep, for the more adventurous options.

Fetish Gear

If you are in to fetish play, finding lingerie made of leather or PVC (vinyl) may be a good option. These will cost more, and you will need to find a perfect fit, but it can add another layer of fun and excitement to your swinging experiences. Leather is easy to find in corset styles, and is perfect for those in to sub/dom play.